Journaling, self-awareness tracking, habits and activities analyze.

<aside> <img src="/icons/checkmark_lightgray.svg" alt="/icons/checkmark_lightgray.svg" width="40px" /> Various customizable aspects

Log your mood, track your water intake, and jot down your thoughts in a journal and more. Use our predefined aspects or create your own.


<aside> <img src="/icons/activity_lightgray.svg" alt="/icons/activity_lightgray.svg" width="40px" /> Analyze

Use your logs to analyze your life. Examine charts, trends, and correlations — either each aspect one by one or multiple aspects simultaneously with our Index functionality.


<aside> <img src="/icons/lock-keyhole_lightgray.svg" alt="/icons/lock-keyhole_lightgray.svg" width="40px" /> Private

All data stored on your device is protected with Face ID. We never share your personal data with anyone.




Create your aspect

With high customization, you can create your unique way to track your life using emojis, representation, colors, and labels for a more personalized and visually appealing experience.

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Simplify the entry of complex aspects

Our Detailed Score aspect type enables you to track even the most intricate psychological aspects, offering insights into your emotional well-being and mental health trends over time

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Helpful journaling

Never lose the context of your text. Link logs and photos to enrich your journaling, filling your day with knowledge and visual memories.

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And more